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    Analytic technology

    No compromise is allowed in our product development work.
    For optimized design, we have conducted numerical analysis, such as structural, thermal, fluid, and magnetic field analysis, based on Finite Element Method.

    Showing below is a single instance of several analyses.


    Structural analysis - Pipe bending process

    This is an example for analysis on bended pipe. The contour showing represents a von Mises calculated residual stress.

    Structural analysis 
Pipe bending process

    Vibration analysis - Vibration on fuel rail

    Status of wall vibration on a fuel rail is indicated.
    The figure showing is indicative, according to concerned frequency band, mainly the vibrated position may vary.

    Vibration analysis 
Vibration on fuel rail

    Fluid analysis - Air flowing speed is indicated on fan operation

    The figure represents visualized airflow around cooling fan.

    Fluid analysis 
Air flowing speed is indicated on fan operation




    Test Equipment

    USUI is equipped with several test machines specialized for evaluating tubes, testers and analyzers for common mechanical properties and chemical contents.

    • Metaloscope
    • Stereomicroscope
    • Scanning electron microscope
    • Vickers hardness tester
    • Rockwell hardness tester
    • Surface roughness tester
    • Tension tester
    • Industrial X-ray Computed Tomography Scanner
    • Vibration tester
    • Energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer
    • Inductive coupled plasma spectrometer
    • Combined corrosion tester
    • Profile projector
    • Electron Probe Microanalyzer(EPMA)
    • Other testers related to pipe characteristics



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