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    Fuel Rail (UFRID)

    As an approach for reducing fuel evaporative emission, adopting fuel returnless system on gasoline engine vehicles are considerably increased. The system adopted will cause larger fuel pressure pulsation and therefore pulsation dampening should be required on the fuel rail.

    As UFRID possesses effective self-dampening capability to the pulsation with rail's own self, unpleasant vehicle interior noise induced by the pulsation could be prevented without pulsation dampener. Due to giving much smaller volume elasticity on the rail than those of fuel, the rail absorbs pulsation energy generated at gasoline injection. Balance of stiffness (i.e. volume elasticity) and strength on the rail is optimized so that we can obtain both the required energy absorption performance and necessary mechanical strength on the rail.

    When applying UFRID in your system, you should enjoy the reductions of system cost and weight because the pulsation dampener can be eliminated from the system.

    Fuel Rail (UFRID?) 



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